Redbud Woodworking

Unique Handmade Furnishings

About us.

We specialize in unique handmade furnishings that focus on locally sourced lumber, reclaimed barn wood, and repurposed items. We harvest our lumber personally on the family farm, then it is milled on site, dried in our workshop, and we create a one of a kind piece either custom designed by you, or by our own designs. 

Our reclaimed barn wood is also locally sourced either by auction, or by driving around and knocking on doors to tear apart neglected relics of the past. We love being able to save a part of history and make something that was once an eyesore, a thing of beauty that will be enjoyed for years to come. Part of the beauty in our pieces is to actually run your hands over the texture of the wood and see the details in the imperfections of the knots, wormholes, and nail impressions. 

At Redbud we are proud to be part of every process from the tree to your home. We want to make pieces that are not only artistic in design, but that will be handed down from generation to generation. We love custom orders and are open to using lumber supplied by you, so that your new desk, table, bed, etc. will have even that much more meaning.